STARXYZ is a marketing and distribution company for healthcare products with its core business in Malaysia and Singapore. Its principal activities include sales, promotion marketing, & distribution of healthcare products.


Vision Statement

STARXYZ’s vision is to make a difference in the lives of people through our sales, promotion & marketing of our medicines. We aspire to be the best healthcare marketing company in Asia.

Mission Statement

STARXYZ’s Mission is to be the leading sales & marketing company in Pharmaceutical Industry with the best Good Distribution Practice in Asia.


STARXYZ’s core values are based on sharing, trust and passion.


We share and exchange knowledge related to pharmaceutical and medicinal within the company and customers.


We trust that we are able to achieve our vision and mission through innovation, quality, integrity and leadership of our dedicated employees.


Our commitment to improve the lives of the community through our passion to excel in our medical services.

Quality policy & Objectives

STARXYZ’s quality policy and objectives is to be a leader in promoting products with the highest quality, safety and efficacy with best practices in Good Distribution Practice of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Practices/Devices Related.

Service Pledge

STARXYZ’s service pledge is to achieve milestones and objectives set out with our partners.